79. Handle disappointment…

The week before last my friends and I were meant to go on a city break to Prague. We finished work and drove to the airport. The weather had been bad in the UK but Luton airport was still open, and we travelled down in a flurry of excitement. After stocking up on sweets and chocolates for the flight, we sat down to wait for boarding. And we sat. And sat some more. Our flight was delayed a little bit. And then a little bit more. So then we went to the pub and had a few drinks.

Everyone else came and went, including the only other delayed flight to Poland. We looked at the Wizz Air website which told us that our flight had been cancelled. Had they told us at the airport? Oh no. Did they call us to the gate thus raising our hopes only to crush them? Oh yes. Could we rearrange our flights to get out there? No. Did we lose our hotel money? Yes.

But did we lose our sense of fun in a dismal world? NEVER!

Yes I was disappointed. We planned the trip so long ago, we were all so excited, and it seemed very unlucky that the weather took a turn so much earlier than usual. But what are you gonna do about it? Really we had 2 options, we could shout at the airport staff and cry like some people did, and only end up feeling worse. Or we could make our own fun. I think you can see which option we went with.

So…it turned out ‘Prague’ looks a lot like Oxford. Not exactly sure when hysteria kicked in but I’m sure it helped carry us through. My Mum commented that we don’t even look sad! Sure we had our moments but we did a good job of keeping each other upbeat (mainly by joking about being in ‘Prague’).

Henry David Thorea said that ‘If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.’ After a quiet evening of crying in front of Marley and Me and telling my boyfriend that ‘everything was rubbish’ I’d got it out of my system. I then had an excellent weekend of eating and drinking with friends, Oxford Christmas market, watching toy story 3 and playing singstar. We may not have made it to Prague, but ‘Prague’ had everything I really wanted anyway.