83. Beat the January blues…

Like practically everyone on this planet I’m feeling a bit of the January blues at the moment. December was just so hectic with all of the meals and parties, seeing friends and family, and the long-awaited time off work. There was so much to look forward to.

Now that we’re in January we’re all a bit broke and miserable, feeling that there is nothing to look forward to at all. But do you know what? Life is what you make it, so if you want fun you have to make fun.

And not all of it has to be expensive. Go for a walk on a weekend, have friends round for tea, volunteer, or join a choir. There’s so much stuff to do out there if you look. I’ve been on dailyinfo which is an Oxford listings website and found tons to do from ballroom dancing to martial arts. It got me really excited and so I’m going to give some new hobbies a try.

I’m also planning fun things at the weekends so that I always have something to get me through the week. On sunday I finally went to Cotswold Wildlife Park after saying I’d go for the past 4 years!On saturday I’m going to Bath and I’m just about to book tickets to the Opera in March as I’ve always wanted to go. There are always fun things to do, we just need to make the effort to go and do them.

I’ve created a bucket list of things I want to do and it includes things as small as trying a new restaurant to far-flung countries I want to visit one day. When you sit down and think about it you realise that the possibilities are endless and that’s really exciting. So from now on if I moan about feeling low or being bored just tell me to shutup and look at the goddam list. Because I’m lucky to have so many opportunities and experiences in front of me. We all are.