About Kateness

I am Kateness.  I am 28 years of age and I recently left blighty behind to move the bright lights of New York City. Do believe the hype: my life is now like a movie. I work for a publishing company on Madison Avenue and spend my days trying not to add extra vowels into American spellings. I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where I like to hang out in coffee shops writing my novel and continually telling people ‘I’m not a hipster, this is just what English people look like’.  My main passions are reading, writing, and travelling. The world is awesome.  I like to walk the city streets with some great music and a smile. The best things in life are adventures and great relationships. I like to laugh. I like inspiring people to do something new. I like lists. I don’t like spiders, seafood or mean people. Or people who don’t understand the pathway code. I hate it when people in front of me walk too slowly, or block the path, or invade my personal walking space. I guess I get path rage. But am an otherwise mild mannered person.